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How we want to be
How do we work at MACD and what is our philosophy?

More than half of the MACD team worked together with the management to develop our mission statement and help bring the MACD core "to shine". Central point and very important for all of us is "holistic thinking". Here is an excerpt from our mission statement:

We care!

We work holistically. With an all-encompassing approach, we focus on employees, customers and the environment equally in the achievement of our goals. Continuity and reliability in all areas are our aspiration.

Our employees are the basis for our success. It is essential that even when fully commited on ambitious projects, we always stay personal. MACD offers a secure and long term perspective for all employees. We maintain a respectful, open and honest relationship with one another and consider each individual's needs.

Our customers are our partners. We see them as a part of our team and take their feedback very seriously. Personal and continual contact to all of our partners helps us to progress together.

We love nature. We look after the environment and are responsible in our use of energy and raw materials.

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