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Achieving Goals Together
George Macdonald, CEO MACD, has been working in financial markets for over 20 years.

He moved to Switzerland in 1996, where he worked for eight years at the SIX Swiss Exchange as a consultant, supporting participant banks in the migration from ring trading to a fully electronic platform.

In 1999 he founded MACD in Aachen to develop high-quality software solutions for securities trading.

George believes that there is still a great deal of evolution in electronic trading ahead, in particular in the less liquid markets. He encourages this exciting development in various ways including membership of the > FIX Trading Community.

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Lucas Fowler, Director, joined MACD in 1999 to build up a centre for software development in Aachen.

After the establishment of the Aachen office and the successful development of the GLOX trading system, Lucas moved to Switzerland in 2006.

Since then he has continued to provide personal support to the increasing number of Swiss customers.

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Raphael Grochtmann, HR Director & Head of Operations, joined MACD in 2000.

Together with Lucas Fowler, Raphael designed the GLOX trading system and built up the teams for software development and system support.

Today he is responsible for Operations and Human Resources.

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Tomas Fort, Head of Business Development, joined as Sales & Account Manager at MACD in 2010.

Currently Tomas is responsible for Business Development which includes both Sales & Account Management and the Marketing & Communication Team.

Before joining MACD, he worked at the SIX Swiss Exchange in the Member Services Team.

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Dennis Pannhausen, Head of Development, started working as a software developer and supporter at MACD in 2009.

Shortly after, he took over the lead of the "Graphical User Interface" team and then for all Software Development from 2013.

As the development lead he introduced the Scrum methodology. Together with the whole team he is continuously searching for ways to improve our development process.

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