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Our GLOX Services
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GLOX Exchange Direct

Our collaboration with SIX Swiss Exchange goes back to the introduction of electronic trading in 1996. In 2001 we were one of the first application service providers and we were able to establish ourselves as a leading supplier. We fulfil all legal and technical system requirements and offer a wide range of functions and options.  With GLOX Exchange Direct, you can choose which of the following exchanges you want to connect to: 

  • SIX Swiss Exchange
  • BX Swiss

Using our product XLFiX you can also perform market-making on all exchanges. More details can be found at  > www.macd.com under Offer/ XLFiX Trading.

GLOX Broker Connect

With GLOX Broker Connect you can connect to all the important markets using a single interface to your banking system. Using our consolidated user interface you can trade securities trough well-known brokers. Trading is fully automated using our straight-through processing (STP) network. 'Filtering', 'Best Execution Options' and 'Handling Instructions' are possible. GLOX Broker Connect is adaptable for banks in all asset classes in the securities area. The  following brokers are available:

  • Basler Kantonalbank
  • Bloomberg Tradebook
  • Cannaccord Genuity
  • Credit Suisse
  • KCG
  • Pictet & Cie
  • UBS
  • Vontobel
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank

Based on customer requirements, we are happy to extend our broker offering.

GLOX Fund Trade 

GLOX Fund Trade ensures that you don't miss any cut-off times! Fund trading via GLOX is efficient and fully automatic with STP via Swisscanto. 'Pooling' and 'Splitting' in GLOX enables the automatic merging of orders and assignment of trades. Our order monitor ensures the timely release of orders. As soon as the order is matched, the trade will be automatically split across the child orders. You can choose to send an order either automatically or manually.

GLOX Bloomberg Send

GLOX Bloomberg Send enables the trading of Fixed Income or Equity products over Bloomberg over only a single interface. Your orders will be routed automatically to Bloomberg trading platforms TSOX or EMSX and can be traded with various brokers. Executions of the orders are communicated on a full STP basis back to your core banking system. The interface is certified from Bloomberg, prevents multiple entries and reduces errors caused by manual input.

GLOX Bloomberg Receive 

With GLOX Bloomberg Receive you act as a broker and receive orders from other banks via Bloomberg. Once the orders are in the GLOX system you can process them as you would any other order, so full STP is possible. Executions will also be sent back to your own banking system. With GLOX you have only one interface, reducing errors that can be caused by manual input.

GLOX Bloomberg Algo

Using the rich algorithmic capabilities of Tradebook, you can take advantage of extensive Algo trading within the GLOX network. It works like this: You define your algo parameters in GLOX and we send this information to Bloomberg Tradebook. There, they calculate the child slices that need to be executed on SIX Swiss Exchange and notify GLOX to send the order to the exchange - all trading is done on the exchange using your exchange membership, thereby ensuring that you have full control, visibility and journalling of all orders going to the exchange. 

GLOX Archive 

If you require a record of all relevant data concerning your trading activities then GLOX Archive is the right choice. All relevant data (orders, trades, modifications) will be saved for 10 years in a manner which is easy to search. This service is not only useful for auditing but also for analysing business trends.

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