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Building Bridges
Because the interconnection of varied and differing systems is a key aspect to achieving > Straight-through processing (STP) and efficient workflows, we have long been a supporter of open communication protocols. We adopted FIX in 2001 and are actively involved in the development of the FIX protocol and the > FIX Trading Community.

Our connectivity hub xConnect quickly became established as a method for bridging diverse systems. Whether it be WebSphere MQ, XML, databases such as Oracle or MS SQL, or pure FIX - we can build the link.

We believe in standardisation wherever possible. Simplifying connectivity and having loosely coupled interfaces brings a very simple, but important effect; systems and processes can concentrate on their core business functionalities. Legacy systems can be replaced as the business requirements dictate and not dependant on IT issues.

We will continue to promote open, flexible, interfaces between systems. And build the bridges whenever required. We have, amongst others, the following interfaces in place:

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