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Building and Running Software
In many cases the greatest benefit can be achieved when the development and the hosting of the software is carried out in unison.

We have been hosting and supporting the software that we develop for over 10 years. We use a high quality dual site data centre to which our clients can connect. Our > MACD Support Team manages and monitors the connections as well as providing a help desk.

Using a hosted solution has a range of benefits for our customers:

We have a fully automated alert and alarm system that ensures that we can pro-actively address problems as they occur.
We buy, maintain, and replace hardware as part of the fixed price.
A system needs to be maintained over time. We perform necessary software and hardware updates to ensure that the systems remain up to date.
Shared Resources
In many cases, cost savings can be achieved through shared resources with our other customers. An example is market connectivity where we maintain the exchange connection and thereby reduce your infrastructure.
Network Effect
Our customers can benefit by establishing links to other customers in our trading network. For example, a bank may act as a broker to other customers for a specific asset class. Or an exchange might benefit from our customer base as potential new participants.
Through shared resources and modern virtualisation techniques, we are able to match the energy usage to the required performance. In this way the total energy use can be significantly reduced.

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