MACD History

More than 20 Years of Financial IT

1983 Macdonald Associates Ltd is founded by Roger Macdonald in Reading, UK.
Launch software for auction houses: Macdonald Auctioneering Package (MAP).
1989 After graduating from Manchester University, George Macdonald starts to work in Aachen, Germany.
He works on software projects for IBM, e.g. Valuta-IDS, an FX trading System, later also for Philips in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
1992 George becomes a shareholder of Macdonald Associates Ltd.
1994 OARIS is founded in Urdorf, Switzerland by Kurt Meister and Andreas Reist.
1996 George Macdonald moves to Z├╝rich, Switzerland to support the members of SIX Swiss Exchange in the move to electronic trading.
1999 Together with Lucas Fowler George Macdonald creates a development department to provide not just consulting but also projects and products.
  Launch xConnect: xConnect is a software and interconnectivity tool which allows varied and differing systems to be connected via a defined set of business rules.
2000 George Macdonald founds Macdonald Associates GmbH in Aachen, Germany.
  The first customer, Deutsche Bank, chooses xConnect to interface between their Swiss and UK offices.
2001 Launch of globalXtrade (GLOX): globalXtrade is based on xConnect, offering cost effective and easy exchange connectivity; the first market being SIX Swiss Exchange.
  Connectivity is offered using a FIX interface and Java trading front end.
2004 MACD becomes a member of the FIX Trading Community and begins providing support for QuickFIX.
2007 Due to the increasing presence in Switzerland, Macdonald Associates AG in Maur (CH) is founded.
At the behest of a new customer, the data centre was moved from Germany to Switzerland with a dual site configuration.
MACD offices in Aachen, Germany are now located in a magnificent old building in the Frankenberger quarter of Aachen.
2009 Launch Trading System XKYTE by OARIS.
2011 AIXECUTE goes live at BX Swiss and OTC-X (BEKB).
  AIXECUTE is a full solution exchange system for banks wishing to create an internal market, and for mid-sized exchanges.
2012 10Years GLOX Event with MACD team and GLOX customers in the Couven Museum in Aachen, Germany.
2013 Macdonald Associates is renamed to MACD.
2014 EUREX connection goes live. MACD becomes a EUREX ASP.
2017 MACD and OARIS bundle forces.
2018 XKYTE is integrated with GLOX and benefits from access to the entire universe of brokers and destinations on the GLOX network.
  MACD and OARIS formally merge and operate under the unified name MACD. At the same time, a new corporate design and website is launched.
2020 Launch MAX: The first MACD customer goes live with the new order management system MAX at the beginning of the year. MAX is a direct successor to the long-standing products XKYTE and GLOX.

MACD and OARIS joined forces in 2017 to leverage synergies for our clients. We are now ideally positioned to develop new and innovative products for our customers.

Kurt Meister, COO MACD