BLOG - Lucas Fowler

Insights into MAX - MACD's Order Management System

With MAX, MACD is developing a future-proof platform for our customers and partners based on current technologies.

Lucas Fowler, Head of Software Engineering, reports from a software engineering perspective on current activities and technical developments in MAX.

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BLOG - Christoph Strauch

Well prepared for the Future

The data centre is the centerpiece of every IT company. Christoph Strauch, Team Leader System & Network Administration at MACD, tells us in the blog entry what challenges he and his team overcame in moving to the new data centre and what benefits are now resulting from it.

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BLOG - George Macdonald

Where does MACD stand on the Topic of Part-Time Working?

George Macdonald, CEO MACD, shares his perspective on the subject of part-time work and explains how we at MACD maintain the balance between reliability and flexibility.

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BLOG - Daniel Wegner

Kubernetes for the orchestration of containers

Daniel Wegner, Software Engineer, about the use of Kubernetes at MACD - how it came to this and what the advantages are.

BLOG - Tomas Fort

Efficient connection of financial players

Tomas Fort, Head of Sales and Account Management, explains the advantages of digitalised order transmission from external asset managers to their banks.

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BLOG - Constanze Lenzen

Good Marks for MACD

In September 2019, we implemented a customer survey on the topic of support and communication for the first time. The summary of the results and learnings can be found here.

BLOG - George Macdonald

25 Days for 25 Years

At MACD, we have a policy that every 5 year anniversary is rewarded with a an equivalent number of days additional holiday - 5 days for 5 years, 10 days for 10 years etc. What did I do with my time?

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BLOG - George Macdonald

Digitising Communication in the Financial Markets

Do you know the problem - too many platforms, unstructured data, no possibility to filter and no clear view of information in real time? I explain how we came up with the idea for an innovative financial information tool:

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