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MACD Philosophy Update

After almost 10 years, we needed to update our corporate guiding principle. How we revised it and what came out of it can be read here.

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MAX Services Overview

Our Order Management System MAX has a modular structure. You can choose your desired functionalities from many services. Besides flyers, which are available for download on the main page, we also publish step by step one subpage per service. Here we summarise the most important information for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.


Go-Lives in June 2021

We are pleased to have been able to actively support our customers and partners in the past month.

Together we achieved the following milestones:

Two customers went live with MAX as their order management system, one of them including the quoting module.
Another customer went live with the MAX Order Connect functionality.
The update of the preceding system GLOX to the current version 10.6 was made available in the entire MACD network.

With the new version of GLOX, the Best Order Execution functionality (EBBO) of SIX Swiss Exchange is available to all members of the MACD community.

Why the switch to MAX and our MACD network is worth the effort, you can find out here:



MACD for tolerance and diversity

Setting our logo in the colours of the rainbow, we too declare our support for tolerance and diversity and against discrimination and exclusion in all areas.


MACD Newsletter | May 2021

News about products & projects:

  • MAX Migration
  • Bloomberg TOMS Interface
  • MACD Routing Hub

A look behind the MACD scenes:

  • Continuous improvement of product quality
  • CO2 emissions compensated
  • Welcome J├╝rgen Damm
  • Join the team

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Software Engineering: Insights into MAX, MACD's Order Management System

Lucas Fowler, Head of Software Engineering, gives an insight into the organisation and working methods of our software engineering team in the new blog entry.

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MACD compensates CO2 emissions

Last year we consumed nearly 84 tonnes of CO2. This amount is a result of purchases for hardware, business travels and the operation of the office locations.

MACD's management offsets the CO2 consumption by investing in various projects with the aim of developing a sustainable economy.


MACD Newsletter | January 2021

Current Topics:

  • 2021
  • Number of Fund Destinations Significantly Expanded
  • New Broker: Winterflood
  • MAX - The Best of GLOX and XKYTE

Behind the Scenes:

  • Fit for the Future!
  • MACD Employee Survey
  • Open Source Engines for Financial Information Exchange
  • MACD Supports Development of Open Source System TYPO3

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